Vol. 6, No. 1 Summer 2011

Special Issue: (Re)Imagining Alterity in the 21st Century


Hegel and the Normative Foundations of Criminal Justice 
Dr. Stephen Riley, Sheffield Hallam University [pp. 1-15]
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The Right to Self-Defense and the ‘Other’: A Necessity Defense as a Method of Social Levelling 
Timothy Bierer, City Law School [pp. 16-29]
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“I cant even imagine what it’s going to be like without him”: Friendship and Queer Theory in American Teen Soap
Mareike Jenner, Aberystwyth University [pp. 30-48]
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Dealing with outsiders: policing rural Westmorland, 1856-1900 
Guy Woolnough, Keele Univeristy [pp. 49-68]
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Book reviews

Chris Allen (2010), Islamophobia
Jeremy Kleidosty, University of St. Andrews [pp. 69-70]
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Leong Yew (2011), Alterities in Asia: Reflections on Identity and Regionalism 
Dell Marie Butler , [pp. 71-72]
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Cian Murphy and Penny Green (2011), Law and Outsiders: Norms, Processes and “Othering” in the 21st Century
Jeffery Stevenson Murer , University St. Andrews [pp. 73-74]
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