Vol. 2, No. 1, June 2007

Special Issue: Beyond Critique and Deconstruction

Introduction – ‘Deconstruction, Critique and Praxis: Towards a New Culture of Politics’ 
Monica Ingber & Zehra Aziz-Beyli     [pp. 1-3]
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‘In Search of “Anthropological Concreteness”: Individual Narratives in the Context of Anthropological and Literary Relationships’ 
Ewa Chomicka     [pp. 4-14]
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‘Regional Dispute Systems: Design Challenges and Potentials’ 
Jon Adams     [pp. 15-26]
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‘The Marginality of Liminality: Experiences of Sexualizing University Spaces in India’ 
Oishik Sircar     [pp. 27-36]
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Interview with Emma Dowling – ‘What’s the World Coming to? The World Social Forum beyond critique and deconstruction’ 
Rebecca Shah     [pp. 37-49]
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