Vol. 3, No. 1, June 2008

Special Issue: The Paradox of Cosmopolitan Right and the Modern State

Guest Editor: Dr Zoë Pearson, School of Law, Keele University


‘The Paradox of Cosmopolitan Right and the Modern State’ 
Zoë Pearson, Keele University     [pp. 1-4]
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‘International Law and the Making of the Modern State: Reflections on a Protestant Project’ 
Anne Orford, Melbourne Law School    [pp. 5-11]
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‘The Subject of Resistance and the Problem of Excess: Dayton Peace Accords and Legitimisation of Violence’
Marijana Sevo, Keele University     [pp. 12-21]
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‘The Killing of Jean Charles de Menezes: Risk, the “Innocent”, and Looking Guilty’
Gavin Bailey, Keele University     [pp. 22-31]
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‘Encountering Human Rights: Redrawing the Lines of Engagement; Relocating the Sites of Governance’
Jane Krishnadas, Keele University     [pp. 32-39]
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‘Review Essay of Nivedita Menon’s Recovering Subversion: Feminist Politics Beyond the Law 
Dania Thomas, Keele University     [pp. 40-49]
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Book reviews

Lawrence Rosen (2006), Law as Culture: An Invitation
Reviewed by Esther Abin, Keele University     [pp. 50-51]
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Anne Orford (ed.) (2006), International Law and Its Others
Reviewed by Rohee Dasgupta, Keele Univeristy     [pp. 52-54]
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Heidi Nast (2005), Concubines and Power: Five Hundred Years in a Northern Nigerian Palace
Reviewed by Saheed Aderinto, University of Texas     [pp. 55-57]
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Sherilyn MacGregor (2006), Beyond Mothering Earth: Ecological Citizenship and the Politics of Care
Reviewed by Donna Knapp van Bogaert, University of Witwatersrand [pp. 58-59]
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