Vol. 5, No. 1, Summer 2010

Boundaries, Borders and (Inter)disciplinary research


‘In or Out – Migrant Workers in Israel: Boundaries of Israeli Citizenship
Robin Harper, City University of New York; Hani Zubida, IDC University [pp. 1-23]
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Imagining Security in The National Security Strategy of the United Kingdom
Emily Lindsay Jackson, Durham University [pp. 24-39]
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Developing Interdisciplinary Research on the Ground – Barriers and Opportunities
Jane Kaye, University of Oxford; Dimitrina Spencer, University of Oxford [pp. 40-54]
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‘The Boundaries of Democracy and the Case of Non-Humans’
Anne Marie Matarrese, Keele University [pp. 55-71]
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Whose biopolitics is it anyway? Power and potentiality in biometric border security
Owen D Thomas, University of Exeter [pp. 72-90]
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Book Reviews

Roland Bleiker (2009), Aesthetics and World Politics
Reviewed by Monica Ingber, Keele University [pp. 91-92]
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Shaun L. Gabbidon (2010), Race, Ethnicity, Crime, and Justice: an International Dilemma
Reviewed by Sarah Marsden, University of St Andrews [pp. 93-94]
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Joanna Herbert (2008), Negotiating Boundaries in the City: Migration, Ethnicity, and Gender in Britain
Lucy Michael, University of Hull [pp. 95-96]
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Roberto Esposito (2009), Communitas: The Origin and Destiny of Community
Andrea Rossi, Lancaster University [pp. 97-98]
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Denis Cosgrove (2008), Geography and vision: seeing, imagining and representing the world
Yina Sima, The University of Melbourne, Australia [pp. 99-100]
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R.B.J. Walker (2010), After the Globe, Before the World
Phillip Slann, Keele University [pp.101-102]
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