Vol. 5, No. 2 Winter 2010

General Issue


‘Is a Shari’ah-based Law Compatible with Cybercrime? An Inquiry into the Saudi Regulations on Internet Fraud 
Abdullah Faze Algarni, University of Hull [pp. 1-17]
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Drawing Boundaries Between Risk and Danger Scenarios: Media Discourse on Illicit Drug Use’ 
Matilda Hellman, Nordic Centre for Welfare and University of Helsinki [pp. 18-34]
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‘An Irrelevant Media When Sentencing ? Comparing the Perceptions of English and Danish Lower Court JudgesWhen Sentencing Theft Offenders’
Dr. Max Lowenstein, Bournemouth [pp. 35-48]
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‘The Emergency Law in Malaysia: Political Security or Liability’
Dr. Rizal Yakoop, University Kebangsaan [pp. 49-66]
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‘Reviewing ‘Poverty’ as an Object of Study: Seeking a Conceptual Match of Well-Being With The Inter-Subjective Understanding of Ill-Being’
Dr. Frank Vollmer, UNESCO Chair of Philosophy for Peace, University Jaume I [pp. 67-85]
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‘How to Deal With The Redistributive Impact of Environmental Goods? Assessing David Miller’s Account
Stijn Neuteleers, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven [pp. 86-101]
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‘Marxism and the Definition of Crime
Dr. David Moxon, Sheffield Hallam, University [pp. 102-120]
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book reviews

Boris Holzer (2010), Moralizing the corporation: transnational activism and corporate accountability 
J. Edward Conway, University of St. Andrews [pp. 121-122]
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Mohammed Mazher Idriss & Tahir Abbas (2010), Honour, Violence, Women and Islam 
Monika Gabriela Dabrowska, University of St. Andrews [pp. 123-124]
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Paul Veyne (2010), Foucault: his thought, his character 
Kevin Crosby , University of Leicester [pp. 125-126]
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Michele Bratcher Goodwin (2010), Baby markets: money and the new politics of creating families 
Maya Sabatello, NYU Centre for Global Affairs [pp. 127-128]
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