Welcome to In-Spire
Journal of Law, Politics and Societies

In-Spire is a multi-disciplinary and open access journal of social sciences engaging in critical political thought on contemporary societies.

We publish original research on a broad range of topics, enabling interaction and the exchange of new perspectives between and beyond disciplines. We publish papers which assess and explore the qualities and/or boundaries of particular social science disciplines or which actively attempt to engage with other disciplines. Our themed issues pursue questions of social, political, and ethical relevance to this overall mission, while our general issues recognise the pursuit of a variety of research questions and strategies.

In-Spire is a peer-reviewed journal.

We publish original research in the following areas…

  • international relations / global politics
  • political and social philosophy
  • sociology
  • law and critical legal studies
  • criminology
  • environmental politics
  • ethics
  • gender and sexuality
  • media and communications

For more information about In-Spire please see the about us page.


©  2012  In-Spire
ISSN 1753-4453

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